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Mp3 Normalizer

By mp3 normalizer mean the ability of a software to unify the output (in this case volume) of a series of.

According to Wikipedia, normalize means, among other things, the following:

According to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) the normalization is the activity that aims to establish, to actual or potential problems, provisions for common and repeated use, in order to obtain an optimal level of order in a given context, that can be technological, political or economic.
Normalization essentially threefold:
-Simplification: trying to reduce the models to keep only the most necessary.
-Unification: to allow exchange internationally.
-Specification: pursued avoiding misidentification creating a clear and precise language.

That is, in our case, these norms or standards apply to grab a standard which does not slip under any circumstances. Here we talk about volume, and then we have to normalize mp3s means establishing a standard volume within which all the volumes of each mp3 are maintained.
What in fact would mean that no mp3 is out of this standard, either by having peaks very loud volume, or that volume has fallen very low. In both cases, it would come out of the mp3 standard or norm.

Mp3 Normalizer

So the mission of a volume normalizer is to keep the volume of each mp3 (and each part or fragment of each mp3) within this standard volume without sounding louder or lower volume, but keeps the range.
This allows better reproduction and avoids having to manually adjusting the controls, loud volume or low volume passages, or every time you start a new song.

Mp3 Normalizer we guarantee that the volume of all our mp3s this always within the acceptable range. Neither higher nor lower.

Lets see one awesome example:

Mp3 Normalizer

In this video, visible are some of the most interesting features of MP3Doctor PRO2, beyond the normalizer.

We see the function of changing the tempo without affecting the pitch and vice versa.

We wanted with this video to illustrate how efficiently the Mp3 Normalizer functions, how it  manages to make clearer, sharper vocals and instruments, makes sure that every frequency in every millisecond is normalized, resulting in superior sharpness and clarity.
You can also notice volume boost is fair, accurate and necessary for getting the song to its most optimal sound and consistent with the other volumes.
The ability to playback audio from computers, laptops, mp3 players, smart phones, gadgets and devices has increased so much in this last decade, and this is the new algorithm for the new age.

With today's abundance of free storage and enormous bandwith, we can finally set the quality of the audio we listen to as our priority.

MP3Doctor PRO2 is designed to provide the audio quality that is needed today.