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The human ear is perfectly able to distinguish differences that would seem indistinguishable.
For example, if an audio file has 22 thousand samples per second and compare it with another that has 44,100 sampes per second , the human ear ( and complex brain functions ) immediately notice the difference , even if most of the people would believe that the hearing would not know such a small difference !

MP3 volum Increaser

The same would happen with other values ​​such as bitrate, where the number of bits transmitted per second are important, as to convey complex fragments of a song ( because there are so many complex sounds, for example ) are important and heard equally distinguish the difference.

And we speak of untrained ears . We do not mean , or specialized acoustic musicians or sound engineers , but to the average person listening mp3 music on a computer, for example.

Because of this ability of the ear and brain to perceive these differences, is that you (and everyone) we see that in our music collection "something not right " for sound with considerable differences in volume and quality .

MP3Doctor PRO2 is perfectly designed to address these differences and avoid the existence of sound "bumps " or quality that our ear can perceive and therefore is annoying 
The music and the volume perceived by the ears but also for the skin.
We literally feel the music, especially the volume that is decisive in the "emocvion" just causes the music.
So properly handle the volume of the music is so important and we all have the desire to improve the ratio of volume of our mp3 files.
You are looking to increase the volume of mp3s?Are you looking for ways to increase the volume of parts or fragments of some mp3s?Are you looking to match and increase the volume of all your mp3s? 

You are in the right place, read on ...

MP3 volum Increaser 

The ability to increase the volume of mp3s (or other formats) selectively icrementando but those sounds and parties that more should be increased and leaving unchanged those that already have a suitable volume, is that MP3Doctor PRO2 a proprietary intelligent algorithm and represents the most advanced technology in recognition and management of volume today.

Increasing the volume of mp3s.

People always trefiere to increase the volume of mp3s, even if this includes things like those noted above, but all encompassed in the expression "increase the volume". 

MP3Doctor PRO2, solves each of these problems (and some more) that make people perceive differences, which are annoying, among mp3s.

Of course the volume is increased, but this is done through complex mathematical curves and the rest is the differentiation of frequencies, plus the things that we discussed above.

For that reason, many producers of audio and even universities that record, for example, audio from animals to perform complex scientific studies, use MP3Doctor PRO2.
In a country, even the police have used our program to improve the clarity and volume of a recording that was important as evidence in court!